Personal Politics – New Album (free download)

‘Personal Politics’ is a collection of songs, old and new, about love and politics and sex and death and really the things that all art is about. You can download it for free from the Golau Glau Bandcamp now. Here we are, releasing a new Golau Glau album on a Saturday night as an Eosturmonath present to all of you.

Golau Glau - Personal Politics

So many times we’ve thought a record of ours was going to come out with a label, and then they’ve dumped us. Several of them. Not by text or by email or by fax like Phil Collins. No, by empty promises followed by silence. They never really loved us, sob. So really we should take the hint and fight the silence with noise, and keep putting that noise out on Pin Factory (our own label) and keep our own promises until enough people care. That’s how it should really work anyway.

Golau Glau and the Palindrone Jukebox at the Tetley

If you go to the Tetley in Leeds between 24 January and 28 February, you will find a free-standing booth dubbed the ‘Palindrone Jukebox’ which will house seating and a shelf of bespoke vinyl records, with specially commissioned palindromatic compositions which visitors can select from and play on the self-reversing turntables. One of these palindromic vinyl records was supplied by Golau Glau.

The Reversing Machine

Sam Belinfante & Simon Lewandowski

24 January – 28 February 2014 The Tetley, Leeds
PV: Friday 24 January, 6 – 8pm

The Reversing Machine is an exhibition conceived by artists Simon Lewandowski and Sam Belinfante. At the exhibition’s core is the machine itself; a self-reversing mechanical power source*. Any object attached will turn at a steady rate for a set time then stop and be set into reverse – a mechanical palindrome.

Commissioned by Art Laboratory Berlin in 2012, the machine has expanded into an ongoing research project. For The Tetley Belinfante and Lewandowski reconstruct this collective work, incorporating fresh elements in response to the new gallery. They have also developed individual works which reflect on their collaboration and on the concerns that generated The Reversing Machine. These include Accordion a new two part film by Belinfante shot on 16mm film and SETTER a palindromic multiple by Lewandowski.

A repertoire of satellite devices driven by The Reversing Machine act out and reflect ways in which we are able to perceive the flow and passage of time through the action of things and forces in the world. Devices choreographed by the machine include adapted record players, household light fittings, slide projectors and a variety of sculptural automata.

Central to the installation is a pair of turntables driven by the machine which plays a repertoire of specially composed vinyl records. This is The Palindrone Jukebox.

Artists that have produced compositions for the The Palindrone Jukebox include;

Ed Atkins / Sam Belinfante / Alice Bradshaw / Adam de la Cour / Manya Doñaque / Golau Glau / Kirsty Harris / Doug Haywood / Lou Hazelwood / Martin Iddon and Antti Sakari Saario, writing as [zygote] / Andy Ingamells / Simon Lewandowski / Kevin Logan / Joanna Loveday / Leah Lovett / Neil Luck / Jessica Rowland / Oliver Thurley / Nathan Walker and Tom Walker / Sam Warren

An incorporated event programme of daytime and evening performances, talks and workshops will run throughout this project. For more information on these and the show as a whole visit The Tetley’s website.

Supported by:
The Elephant Trust
Arts Council England
University of Leeds

*The Reversing Machine mechanism was designed and built by Alistair Metcalf at Effects Too.

The Masque Of Bruma

The 2011 Golau Glau seasonal spectacular is here!

The Masque Of Bruma is a festive EP out now for free download from Bandcamp.

Golau Glau - The Masque Of Bruma

A masque is an amateur dramatic entertainment of the 16th to 17th centuries in England, consisting of pantomime, dancing, dialogue, and song, often performed at court. It seems appropriate for our motley collection of: a brand new song about the Icelandic myth of the Yule Cat, a radiophonic take on a classic mummers play, beautiful Christmas carols, a remix by Ghost Box‘s resident genius The Advisory Circle and a little wassailing.

Illustrations by the lovely Dom Cooper.

Golau Glau at Test Space – IT BEGINS

Our exhibition at Test Space in Leeds opens tonight (Thursday 10th November 2011), with a launch party. The exhibition runs until Sunday 13th November and entry to the exhibition and all events is FREE.

To find Test Space, their address is Unit 2-4 Melbourne Street LS2 7PS (near the Reliance and the Leeds Guide offices).

About the Exhibition:
The exhibition features two audio installations, one accompanied by visuals and the other supported by photographs. The former is ‘HENRY (The Methods Of Ethics 2011)’ – more information available at the mini site for ‘HENRY’.

The latter is ‘Public Interest’, a work dealing with the issue of library closures. For ‘Public Interest’, Golau Glau recorded the sound of public libraries under threat of closure, many of which have since closed and therefore are extinct audio environments. The project has encompassed libraries in Leeds, North Yorkshire and Camden, to cover a spread of different library types. Many of the libraries were in deprived and socially isolated places, however some were in  affluent areas. One thing remained constant – no library was silent, and every library was unique.

A selection of prints by the collective completes the exhibition.

LAUNCH: Thursday 10th November, 7.30pm, FREE ENTRY

HOOKWORMS (LIVE) – amazing psych dream stare rock –

RUNNERS (DJ) – celebratory electronics and all the best ideas –

EWAN JAMIESON (DJ) –  from ace local music website A Negative Narrative –

Come down from Fri-Sun if you can’t make the launch, and there is another event as part of the exhibition on Saturday:

LIBRARIES AND VINYL: Saturday 12th November, 2.30pm, FREE ENTRY

James Balf from Sonic Router – – will be playing a laid-back vinyl-only DJ set and library campaigner Lauren Smith (from Voices for the Library) will be speaking about public library closures. Lauren’s comments on the event:

Golau Glau – First Exhibition COMING SOON

Golau Glau’s first art exhibition takes place soon at Test Space in Leeds. 

The exhibition, which runs from 10th-13th November, will feature a new sound and photography work about the closure of public libraries, ‘Public Interest’, and a selection of other sound works, videos and photographs by Golau Glau. There will be a programme/zine to accompany the exhibition, and it’s free to get in.

EXHIBITION LAUNCH: Thursday 10th November, 7.30pm, FREE ENTRY
The launch night is a free gig that features people Golau Glau like:
HOOKWORMS (LIVE) – amazing psych dream stare rock
RUNNERS (DJ) – celebratory electronics and all the best ideas
EWAN JAMIESON (DJ) –  from ace local music website A Negative Narrative

There is also an additional event during the exhibition:
LIBRARIES AND VINYL: Saturday 12th November, 2.30pm, FREE ENTRY
James Balf
from Sonic Router will be playing a laid-back vinyl-only DJ set and Lauren Smith from Voices for the Library is doing a talk on public library closures.

Test Space are event producers, promoters, artists and curators. Test Space is also currently a physical space in the centre of Leeds, hosting exhibitions, gigs, live performance, theatre, pop up restaurants and club nights.
Test Space, Unit 2-4 Melbourne Street, Leeds LS2 7PS

HENRY 3 – Cancellation

beacons festival flooded site

We have had word from the organisers that Beacons festival has been cancelled due to adverse weather and flooding of the site.

There will be announcements later on, we are told. We are deeply saddened by this news. ‘HENRY’ was conceived and created especially for the festival, our first major sonic art work. We will update this site and the ‘HENRY (The Methods Of Ethics 2011)’ mini site when we have more news and maybe ‘HENRY’ will be installed somewhere else at a later date.