Exotic Pylon Takeover #1 tracklisting


You can stream and download the archive of last night’s Exotic Pylon takeover on Resonance FM now:

19-02-11 Golau Glau

Yang Yang – Anika
Gol-E Gandom – Lloyd Miller
Someone’s Rockin’ My Dreamboat – The Ink Spots
Ocean Glide – Brian Bennett
Let Them – jj
Something Cool – June Christy
Easter Island – Peter Thomas
If I Should Die – ▽nkown ShΔpes
The Good Old Bad Old Days – Val Merrall Orchestra
Transparency Is The New Mystery – Marnie Stern
Porcelain – John Roberts
What is an Atom? – Tom Glazer
Folk Festival – Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services
Miracles from Molecules – Disney
Shifty – The Samphire Band
Wolves – Phosphorescent
Tiny Satellites – Golau Glau
You’re Too Incomprehensible – Tages
Robot Man – Connie Francis
Summer Of ’42 – Peter Nero
Zero One – Ronnie & Clyde
Bit 35 – Broadcast
Farewell Goodbyes – Lightdreams

If you enjoyed that, tune in for the first episode of our own radio show The Silver Satchel on Wednesday at 6pm UK time, on Space Invader Radio.

Twist That Dial

Due to reliability of internet radio, or lack thereof in the case of FNOOB, our set for Exotic Pylon is up for stream and download HERE right now.


Don’t click on the link that says Golau Glau, that will just send you to our Tumblr (or not as the case may be as at the moment Tumblr is down).  The one where it says right click to download, or just click the play arrow on the little player.

We will be uploading the show to Mixcloud later in the week with full playlist etc.


ripeOur mix for the Exotic Pylon goes out tomorrow night live at 10pm on FNOOB, and will be archived on the EP website and our Mixcloud the following day.

“Golau Glau may live in a dusty tower, but there’s not a speck of that dust in their utterly sublime ‘silverpop’ and beautiful image-heavy webhubs.”

More about it here.