Blue Peter Advent Crown

Where were we…oh, yes, Wendy Roby of Drowned In Sound has written a superb review of ‘Foolstide’ in her This Week’s Singles round-up:

Drowned In Sound review

“When Welshers Golau Glau wrote to me this week (it means ‘light quickly’ and is pronounced ‘Goll Eye Gly’ – it being an amalgam of “normal Welsh” and “superarchaic odd Welsh” [THEIR WORDS]) , they tole me they had a Christmas song. And I was a-feared it would be something plain dreary about Why Christmas Is Like Really Bad? Not that I had reason to suspect this, for me and my new Welsh internet friends have previously corresbonded over amusement parks – which means they are fun sorts. Anyway as it turns out ‘Foolstide’ is the sort of thing that brings a smile to your face even if you are in Tesco’s of a Thursday evening crap-hounding your way to the cheapest drinkable bottle of Rose known to humanity. Naturally I found it (£3.20, yes), and all the way to the self-service tills I thrilled at a record that – even though it has slightly rubbish beatmatching – sounds like a Christmas madrigal gone two-step – with all the delightful silliness that implies. It’s a homemade wreath of a thing – all wonky holly wound around a coathanger and the red berries are made of plastic. And yet, it really is quite lovely.”


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