You’d Better Watch Out

GG Xmas 1

On the 2nd of December, which is this Wednesday, our Christmas single will be released for free. We will post a link to a zip file containing artwork and MP3s on this here blog. 2nd December is Golau Glau’s 6 month anniversary as a collective.

You can hear the Christmassy A-side, ‘Foolstide’, below:

There will be a second track, ‘A Tragic Error’, artwork and a ‘Foolstide’ songsheet. ‘Foolstide’ is about when the Puritans banned Christmas in the 17th century on both sides of the Atlantic.

Keep ’em peeled, and pass the link on to everyone you know when it comes – blog it, email it, play it on ver radio. The sack will rattle on Wednesday morning.


3 thoughts on “You’d Better Watch Out

  1. Bore da gyfeillion, wedi gweld newyddion am y sengl ‘Dolig – gret. A oes fformat ffisgol i gael – h.y. cd? Goffwn brynu copi i’r gwaith Llyfrgell Genedlaethol – dwi ar hyn o bryd – methu lawr lwytho … a wnewch chi gysylltu nôl a mi.

    Yr eiddoch yn gywir
    Dan Griffiths

    Dan Griffiths

    Curadur cynothwyol/Assistant curator
    Archif Genedlaethol Sgrin a Sain Cymru/National
    Screen and Sound archive of Wales
    Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru/National Library of Wales
    SY23 3BU

    Ffon uniongyrchol/Direct line: 01970 632926
    Ffacs/Fax: 01970 632544
    Safle y we AGSSC/AGSSC’s website:
    Safle y we LlGC/NLW’s website:

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