‘Foolstide’ is Here!

'Foolstide' full artwork

Golau Glau’s Christmas present to you, ‘Foolstide’, is released today.


UPDATE: 2011 free Christmas EP HERE and 2010 Christmas free EP HERE

Thanks to our good friends at Bedtimebunnage (their post about ‘Foolstide’ is here), who are kindly hosting it for us, you can download a tasty zip file containing:

  • ‘Foolstide’ – our Christmas tune, about when the Puritans banned Christmas for 13 years in the 17th century.
  • ‘A Tragic Error’ – the B-side, combining writings about Greek tragedy and The End Of Time (Doctor Who) and more of our favourite 8 bit sounds.
  • A ‘Foolstide’ songsheet – print it out on both sides of one bit of paper and go a-wassailing in your neighbourhood.
  • Full artwork – both MP3s have artwork embedded, and we include the artwork as a JPEG for you to gaze upon also.

The Golau Glau collective is 6 months old today, 2nd December. Thank you so much if you have listened to us, we really appreciate it.


PASS IT ONtweet links to this post, blog it, play it on the radio, burn a CD and print the songsheet and give it away at gigs or gift it as a cheap present to your work Secret Santa or extended family…


6 thoughts on “‘Foolstide’ is Here!

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