Light Streams


The Sonic Minefield have done a round-up of their current favourite streaming tracks, including the Blue Daisy remix of ‘A Better Drinker’ and new tune ‘Neuro’. They also write about our good friends worriedaboutsatan, whose new single ‘Heart Monitor’ sounded amazing from the little video trailers they’d been sneaking out but now is available to stream in full. Jimi’s blog is a good read, as usual, and TSM is one of our favourites for keeping on top of new and esoteric music:

Golau Glau have been working on more organic/medical themed material and so have worriedaboutsatan, it seems, and the Worriers (they’re @teamsatan on Twitter) are always worth a listen. The newie even has vocals, just at the point where we started doing instrumentals, it’s uncanny. Symbiotic relationship, there. Somehow.

We’ve also put some new photos up from a recent hospital visit, here: Clinic.


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