Simply The Best

It’s not even Wednesday yet, check us from the FUTURE. ‘A Better Drinker’ has been chosen for the Best Of Myspace podcast (you know the one, it’s always on the front page of Myspace Music and is official and stuff), so we can party like it’s 2004.

Main BoM lady Gill Mills had this to say about us: “Whoozy, techy space house with a remote female vocal that wouldn’t be out of place in a Massive Attack studio.”

Rather lovely, non? Whizzy/woozy/wow. Also pod-spodding it up are Nacional,Withered Hand, Razmataz Lorry Excitement and more. What’s not to like? FREE STUFF. You can check it out on their blog here or on Myspace here:

You can get us on NME Radio if you like, too, let Gill know via the nominate form and she might decide we’re this week’s one Best Of Myspace track to get a spin on her Sunday show.

Hear us on Best of MySpace with Gill Mills


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