Exotic Pylon Takeover #1 tracklisting


You can stream and download the archive of last night’s Exotic Pylon takeover on Resonance FM now:

19-02-11 Golau Glau

Yang Yang – Anika
Gol-E Gandom – Lloyd Miller
Someone’s Rockin’ My Dreamboat – The Ink Spots
Ocean Glide – Brian Bennett
Let Them – jj
Something Cool – June Christy
Easter Island – Peter Thomas
If I Should Die – ▽nkown ShΔpes
The Good Old Bad Old Days – Val Merrall Orchestra
Transparency Is The New Mystery – Marnie Stern
Porcelain – John Roberts
What is an Atom? – Tom Glazer
Folk Festival – Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services
Miracles from Molecules – Disney
Shifty – The Samphire Band
Wolves – Phosphorescent
Tiny Satellites – Golau Glau
You’re Too Incomprehensible – Tages
Robot Man – Connie Francis
Summer Of ’42 – Peter Nero
Zero One – Ronnie & Clyde
Bit 35 – Broadcast
Farewell Goodbyes – Lightdreams

If you enjoyed that, tune in for the first episode of our own radio show The Silver Satchel on Wednesday at 6pm UK time, on Space Invader Radio.


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