The word “project” seems so dry and dispassionate, the opposite of the way we see the work we do. Nevertheless, we have several projects on the go at the moment.

We’re working on a soundtrack for a non-fiction book, a track for every chapter. The lyrics are an adaptation of the author’s work, which is a new thing for us.

There’s another collaboration, based on capturing a particular type of environment that is currently under threat and interpreting it in our own ways as artists with our collaborators. In our case,  we contribute sound, and some imagery.

Golau Glau continue to work on an album; trying to make something coherent that truly connects. We want it to work and grow, we want it to be loved.

There are also smaller scale collections planned: a mini album (of which more soon), a summer EP, a winter 7″. A mixture of independent and small label releases.

Our radio show, The Silver Satchel, continues. Its next broadcast is on Wednesday 23rd March, from 6-8pm. There are other things in the pipeline, too.


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