The Silver Satchel – Eighth Folio archive/tracklisting

This is the Eighth Folio taken from The Silver SatchelGolau Glau‘s monthly radio show on Space Invader FMThe Silver Satchel broadcasts on the fourth Wednesday of every month, from 6-8pm UK time.


Unbuckle the leather satchel, silvery and mysterious and crammed with books and papers. Carefully slide out the fat leather-bound almanac marked “Autumn”. Within is contained the eighth folio of curios for broadcast. Blow off the dust and breathe in the magic…


A Darkness at Collinwood – The Robert Corbet Orchestra
Spiritual Rebirth/Light In Darkness/Infinite Spirit – Albert Ayler
Our Darkness – Anne Clark
Beware Of Darkness – George Harrison
Dark Turn Of Mind – Gillian Welch
Magic In The Dark – Woo
Dancing In The Dark – Mel Tormé
In Dark Trees – Brian Eno
The Mirror Of Simple Souls – Tassels
Dark The Night – Sandy Denny
Near Dark – Burial
Blackmagic (Untold Remix) – Jose James
The Loneliness Of Autumn – John Barry
Chalk On The Wall – Fairfield Parlour
Autumn Concerto – Cyril Ornadel and The Stereo Action Orchestra
Wringle Wrangle – Fess Parker
Forever Autumn – Justin Hayward
Murmuring Leaves – Nino Nardini & Roger Roger
Music For Schools – King Of Woolworths
Things Fall Apart – Zomby
Our Way To Fall – Yo La Tengo
Marshmen Emerge from the Mistfall – BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Why do Leaves Change Their Colors? – Tom Glazer and Paul Tripp
Night And Fog – Claude Vasori
Instant Night – The Loved Ones
All I’ve Got To Do – The Beatles
Cathing – Joan La Barbara
Leaving The Dales – Mr Fox
Ride A White Horse – Sven Libaek
Conjunction Junction – Jack Sheldon & Terry Morel
Stay Frosty – Runners
The Story Of My Life – Michael Holliday
Stardust – Billy Butterfield
Hocus Pocus – Focus


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