Golau Glau at Test Space – IT BEGINS

Our exhibition at Test Space in Leeds opens tonight (Thursday 10th November 2011), with a launch party. The exhibition runs until Sunday 13th November and entry to the exhibition and all events is FREE.

To find Test Space, their address is Unit 2-4 Melbourne Street LS2 7PS (near the Reliance and the Leeds Guide offices).

About the Exhibition:
The exhibition features two audio installations, one accompanied by visuals and the other supported by photographs. The former is ‘HENRY (The Methods Of Ethics 2011)’ – more information available at the mini site for ‘HENRY’.

The latter is ‘Public Interest’, a work dealing with the issue of library closures. For ‘Public Interest’, Golau Glau recorded the sound of public libraries under threat of closure, many of which have since closed and therefore are extinct audio environments. The project has encompassed libraries in Leeds, North Yorkshire and Camden, to cover a spread of different library types. Many of the libraries were in deprived and socially isolated places, however some were in  affluent areas. One thing remained constant – no library was silent, and every library was unique.

A selection of prints by the collective completes the exhibition.

LAUNCH: Thursday 10th November, 7.30pm, FREE ENTRY

HOOKWORMS (LIVE) – amazing psych dream stare rock – http://parasiticnematode.blogspot.com

RUNNERS (DJ) – celebratory electronics and all the best ideas – http://longdistancerunners.wordpress.com/

EWAN JAMIESON (DJ) –  from ace local music website A Negative Narrative – http://anegativenarrative.com

Come down from Fri-Sun if you can’t make the launch, and there is another event as part of the exhibition on Saturday:

LIBRARIES AND VINYL: Saturday 12th November, 2.30pm, FREE ENTRY

James Balf from Sonic Router – http://www.sonicrouter.com – will be playing a laid-back vinyl-only DJ set and library campaigner Lauren Smith (from Voices for the Library) will be speaking about public library closures. Lauren’s comments on the event: http://laurensmith.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/libraries-and-vinyl/


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