Listen Again to The Silver Satchel – Tenth Folio

This is the Tenth Folio taken from The Silver SatchelGolau Glau‘s radio showThe Silver Satchel broadcasts on the fourth Wednesday of every month, from 6-8pm UK time on Space Invader FM.

Unbuckle the leather satchel, silvery and mysterious and crammed with books and papers. Carefully slide out the ball of elastic bands, tagged with “Doings”. Within is contained the tenth folio of curios for broadcast. Blow off the dust and breathe in the magic…


The Muppet Show Theme – The Muppets
Wacker – Johnny Pearson
CRAZY – Nightwave
To Know You Is To Love You – Syreeta
Manhattan Tower – Brian Dee
If You Do What You Gotta Do – The Pipe Dream
Animal Crazy – Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls
May I Have The Next Dream With You – Malcolm Roberts
Dogwood Blossom – Fionn Regan
Another Britain – Golau Glau
Walking In Different Circles – Peppermint Rainbow
Holy Mackerel! (Rugby Special) – Brian Bennett Band
Good At Making Friends – Margery Gray
Round The Bend Of The Road – Paul Robeson
Na Na – Clarissa and the Straightjackets
I’m Nobody’s Baby Now – Reparata & The Delrons with Hash Brown & His Orchestra
Inside The Wave – Pye Corner Audio
Love Radiates Around – Euros Childs
Bric Brac – Roland Kovac New Set
Oblivion – Grimes
Social Work Interlude 1 – Golau Glau
Magic Journeys – Disney Studio Chorus
Birdsong – Saint Saviour
Before We Betray – Olfar
Chicano Chaser – The Ian Langley Group
Walk Like A Dragon – I-Roy
Still Goin’ On – Leftside Wobble
As Long As He Needs Me – Shirley Bassey
Unmarked Grave – David Thomas Broughton
Rush & Rattle – Golau Glau
Mother Necessity – Bob Dorough, Blossom Dearie, Essra Mohawk & Jack Sheldon
Sandman’s Song – Anne Briggs
Now You’re All Alone – David Hess
All Time High – Rita Coolidge


tenth folio silver satchel golau glau


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