Revenant Branch


We have a brand new EP out for free download from Bandcamp, Revenant Branch. Revenant Branch is an EP by Golau Glau in celebration of National Libraries Day 2012. This is the sound of the revenant library branch, the ghosts of dead libraries returning from the grave to remind us not to close any more.

Many of the sounds on the EP were recorded in public libraries across England that have now closed down.

Golau Glau are working on a book about public libraries as part of our ‘Public Interest’ project. We passionately believe in them as sources of culture, information and lifelong learning, and places of non-commercial, accessible society and sanctuary for all.

National Libraries Day
National Libraries Day is one day devoted to all libraries – public libraries, school and university libraries, prison, national, law, business and commercial libraries. A nation-wide celebration of libraries, librarians and library staff in all sectors in the UK. It takes place this year on 4th February 2012, which is tomorrow at the time of writing. Please visit your local library and support #NLD12


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