Listen Again to The Silver Satchel – Twelfth Folio

This is the Twelfth Folio taken from The Silver SatchelGolau Glau‘s radio showThe Silver Satchel broadcasts on the fourth Wednesday of every month, from 6-8pm UK time on Space Invader FM.

Unbuckle the leather satchel, silvery and mysterious and crammed with books and papers. Carefully slide out the cracked leather notebook marked “Sleep”. Within is contained the twelfth folio of curios for broadcast. Blow off the dust and breathe in the magic… 


Tick, Tock – The Sound Of The Clock – Carol Leader
Kevin S – Sharon Van Etten
One Little Spark – Billy Barty/Chuck McCann
Let’s Put Out The Lights (And Go To Sleep) – Roger Coulam
Spaced Rider – Seahawks
Sleep Walk – Santo & Johnny
Love’s Immortal Fire – Sleepy
Make My Sleep His Song – Broadcast and The Focus Group
Twilight Time – The Platters
Dream Baby – Val Merrall Orchestra
Propaganda Sleep Machine – BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Sleeping In – The Radio Dept.
Plastic Dream – Andre Mikola
Birth – The Peddlers
Death Of The Dream – Golau Glau
Starfox Menu (optimum celestial bounce) – Optimum
Strange Dream – Terry Cox
ΠΠΔⓀΞ ❤ – ∆®¥ \/\/∆®|\|∆∆®
’84 Pontiac Dream – Boards Of Canada
Dreamer – Astrud Gilberto
Prologue – Tokyo DisneySea
Color Dreams – The Deep
If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind – Cilla Black
Darn That Dream – Tony Bennett
Strange Colour Blue – Madrugada
Silver (The Whendays Remix) – RxGibbs
Once Upon A Dream Parade – Dreamy Overture – Disney
Hung Up On A Dream – The Zombies
Dream Lover – Bobby Darin
In The Wind – Thomas Fehlmann
Forever In My Dreams – Pulp
Nowhere Is Home – Dexys
Frozen Orange Juice – Peter Sarstedt
RAF – Brian Eno
And Dream Of Sheep – Kate Bush
Smells Like Teen Spirit – The Muppets Barbershop Quartet
Fountain of Dreams – Jun Ishikawa, Hirokazu Ando
Deep In A Dream – Frank Sinatra



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