Golau Glau are an anonymous collective of artists, photographers and musicians, with particular interests in social history, not-silences and environments under threat – both urban and natural.  “Golau” rhymes with “Doll Eye” and “Glau” rhymes with “Eye” too. Or “Cry”.

Golau Glau - Ivy

Their body of work to date has examined themes of domestic, social and sexual politics; popular culture; scandal; folk history and Anglican and pagan rituals.  The collective have received extensive radio play, press and blog coverage of their work (BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, XFM, Resonance FM, The Guardian, Shook, Dazed & Confused).

Golau Glau - A New Kind of Bleak (Official Soundtrack)

Their album A New Kind of Bleak (Official Soundtrack) was released on 3rd September 2012.

Other music can be found at Soundcloud and this website links to free downloads, photography and videos. You can also find out about art.

Golau Glau make music, sonic art, visual art and trouble. They are @golauglau on Twitter.

You can email us at golauglau @  gmail.com or join the mailing list.


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