Free Tunes

Our latest free releases are a free album – Personal Politics – and many free EPs – BoundenThe Silver TearLucky BirdThe Damned Hangman,  Revenant Branch and The Masque Of Bruma, a mini LP – Somato and a track on the Electronic Encounters compilation (‘Seeing This Shape’)

You can grab some of our tunes, our covers and the remixes we’ve done for other artists free from SoundCloud:

Our Christmas EPs are free for now at Bandcamp – The Silver TearLucky BirdThe Masque Of Bruma and Myrrh & Myth

You can still download lots of tracks as individual free MP3s from and

‘Arianna’ is not an album, it’s an online repository for tunes we want to share. We recently started ‘Clementia’ as a second online repository in the same vein.

If you’re a DJ and want a 320 or WAV to play out, email golauglau @


As you were.


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