Here is a selection of notable Golau Glau reviews and features in the press.

You can also find more by reading the blog: features, reviews, blog coverage, radio & podcasts and so on.

Armchair Dancefloor feature/Drowned In Sound (May 2011)

“It’s surprising that the anonymous, self-described ‘silverpop’ duo Golau Glau haven’t garnered more attention for their music over the last couple of years or so, as its development has traveled along a perfect narrative arc that’s seen them collaborate with hauntologists The Advisory Circle, remix Esben & The Witch and now give away this fantastic EP for free. Somato is a gorgeous, sultry little record, as in thrall to the importance of space and silence as to the bodily samples that link the music to its overall theme. The airy ‘Maxillo’ brings a new meaning to the term ‘vocal house’, its glottal clicks and brushed teeth serving as percussive topping, and the gloopy ‘Cardio’ is submerged in amniotic fluid, underpinned by embryonic heartbeat as four-to-the-floor pulse. As a result, while Somato contains Golau Glau’s most beat-driven material yet, it’s also their heaviest conceptually, driven by metabolic rhythm rather than club desire.”

Sonic Router feature (April 2011)

“Piecing together material from shards of field recordings, synthetic explorations, electronic dabbling and radiophonics, they’re rightly hard to pin down, hence the self proclaimed ‘silverpop’ tag being floated with abandon. They flow from haunted, bewildering dream pop, in and out of densely layered sound collages to more beat led electronic productions, always sounding at ease with each new avenue.”

Golwg magazine (February 2011, click to view in full)

Full page Golau Glau feature in Golwg

Esquire Thailand magazine (December 2010, click to view in full)
Golau Glau in Handmade Music for Esquire Thailand

Feature in the Guardian (May 2010)

Feature in Drowned In Sound (April 2010)

.A New Band Of The Day Interview (March 2010)

..Off Modern feature (Feb 2010)

..Drowned In Sound single review (Jan 2010)

..A Negative Narrative interview (Dec 2009)

..Drowned In Sound single review (Nov 2009)

..Shook magazine (Nov 2009, click to view in full)Golau Glau interview, Shook magazine, Vol One Winter No 7

Dazed & Confused (August 2009, click to view in full)
Dazed & Confused September 2009

The Guardian (New Music Wednesday, July 2009)

The Guardian (Film & Music, July 2009, click to view in full)Guardian Film & Music 31 July 2009


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