Personal Politics – New Album (free download)

‘Personal Politics’ is a collection of songs, old and new, about love and politics and sex and death and really the things that all art is about. You can download it for free from the Golau Glau Bandcamp now. Here we are, releasing a new Golau Glau album on a Saturday night as an Eosturmonath present to all of you.

Golau Glau - Personal Politics

So many times we’ve thought a record of ours was going to come out with a label, and then they’ve dumped us. Several of them. Not by text or by email or by fax like Phil Collins. No, by empty promises followed by silence. They never really loved us, sob. So really we should take the hint and fight the silence with noise, and keep putting that noise out on Pin Factory (our own label) and keep our own promises until enough people care. That’s how it should really work anyway.


The Damned Hangman + New Album

You may have noticed the new header on this website, and indeed its shiny new design. This is because our first proper album release is on its way. We have created the official soundtrack to Owen Hatherley‘s excellent new book for Verso, A New Kind of Bleak. It’s not a score, it’s a set of 18 songs based on Owen’s writing – if it was on vinyl or CD rather than digital, it would be a double album. Coming to iTunes and other retailers soon – we will announce the release date when we know it.

To tide you over until then, and to cheer up those who can’t afford to buy music at the moment, we have released a new free EP of stories and music on Bandcamp: The Damned Hangman. Today is Lammas, otherwise known as the Gule of August. The Gule of August is thought to mean the Yule of August, so here comes your present…all we ask in return is for your (real) email address.

Golau Glau present: The Damned Hangman.

Revenant Branch


We have a brand new EP out for free download from Bandcamp, Revenant Branch. Revenant Branch is an EP by Golau Glau in celebration of National Libraries Day 2012. This is the sound of the revenant library branch, the ghosts of dead libraries returning from the grave to remind us not to close any more.

Many of the sounds on the EP were recorded in public libraries across England that have now closed down.

Golau Glau are working on a book about public libraries as part of our ‘Public Interest’ project. We passionately believe in them as sources of culture, information and lifelong learning, and places of non-commercial, accessible society and sanctuary for all.

National Libraries Day
National Libraries Day is one day devoted to all libraries – public libraries, school and university libraries, prison, national, law, business and commercial libraries. A nation-wide celebration of libraries, librarians and library staff in all sectors in the UK. It takes place this year on 4th February 2012, which is tomorrow at the time of writing. Please visit your local library and support #NLD12

2011 Holiday Round-Up

So, this Christmas we have made:

We’re about to lock up GG Towers for the holidays, so have a wonderful Yule and we’ll see you in the New Year.

The Masque Of Bruma

The 2011 Golau Glau seasonal spectacular is here!

The Masque Of Bruma is a festive EP out now for free download from Bandcamp.

Golau Glau - The Masque Of Bruma

A masque is an amateur dramatic entertainment of the 16th to 17th centuries in England, consisting of pantomime, dancing, dialogue, and song, often performed at court. It seems appropriate for our motley collection of: a brand new song about the Icelandic myth of the Yule Cat, a radiophonic take on a classic mummers play, beautiful Christmas carols, a remix by Ghost Box‘s resident genius The Advisory Circle and a little wassailing.

Illustrations by the lovely Dom Cooper.