Tom Robinson, our stalwart champion (and heaven knows we need one), played ‘Eudemonics/Naked Space’ on his BBC 6 Music show early this morning.


Listen Again until Saturday night


To The Max


Tom Robinson played us for a third week running on his BBC 6 Music show, just after 1am this morning, this time blasting out ‘Maxillo’ from ‘Somato’. Tom’s sustained support of our music, both early in the life of the collective and in recent weeks, is something we really appreciate. The music world is full of hit and runs, but real friends are rare. Mr Robinson is a bright, shining diamond for sticking with us.

Listen Again/Tracklisting

Repeat Force

Tom Robinson so loved the world that he played ‘Tiny Satellites’ AGAIN this morning on his BBC 6 Music radio show. We’re not entirely sure all of that is in the Bible…

Tracklisting and listen again link here.

Hot Radio Action

Quick round-up:

‘Oak Moon’ was played by Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales and Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music last night/in the early hours of this morning. Thanks guys!

Bag yourself a free copy of the Christmas EP here:

‘Unluted’ was played on the Best of 2010 Songs Of Praise show on Space Invader FM yesterday.

‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’ made it onto the Tinsel episode of the 6forty Project podcast.

Just As The Sun

In the early hours of Monday 11th October, Tom Robinson will be playing the Golau Glau track ‘Neuro’ as part of his Introducing show, which airs between 01.00-3.00 on BBC 6 Music. The track will also be on the Introducing podcast for one week, along with the likes of Juffage and Her Name Is Calla.

We will update with Listen Again, download and tracklisting links next week.

Pick ‘n’ Six

Tom Robinson played his favourite tunes from his BBC 6 Music Introducing show over the past three months on a special programme very early this morning. He included the Golau Glau track ‘Virtual Boy’. You can listen again here:


If you would like to listen just to ‘Virtual Boy’:

golau glau do not have a label

Or download it: (right click to save) Golau Glau – Virtual Boy

The Beeb have podcasted the show as a two-sided two-hour mixtape. Handily, Mr R has put the full tracklisting and download links (valid for a week) in nice easy-to-read format on his own blog, which means we don’t have to:


Remember: Important – Save 6 Music and BBC Asian Network

Tom Tom Club

‘Virtual Boy’ is getting another spin on the Tom Robinson Introducing show and podcast in the early hours of Monday morning (between 1-3am BST) as part of his round up of favourites since the start of the year. See, we said you should save BBC 6 Music. Radio is our lifeblood. We are the favourite of one of the nation’s favourites on the BBC. Mr Robinson is a national treasure, you know.

Tom Robinson


Other selections for Tom’s top tunes include Muchuu, Internet Forever, Gyratory System and Luke Leighfield.

The show will also be available in the form of a bumper two-hour downloadable mixtape. We’ll put links and the full tracklisting up next week. Usually when we do the latter it leads to lots of the artists Mr Robinson has played ego surfing their way to our blog. Hello! Stick around! Don’t just gaze lovingly upon the copied and pasted mention of your band’s name…

Important – Save 6 Music and BBC Asian Network

Everywhere at the moment is the news that two digital radio stations, BBC 6 Music and BBC Asian Network, are to be closed. Rupert Murdoch must be rubbing his hands with glee, wanting to destroy the BBC’s monopoly in favour of his own – one where you pay money AND sit through adverts, and most of the TV programmes and none of the radio programming you love would never have been made.

We’ve been supported by 6 Music from very early on, Steve Lamacq made us his Band of the Week and we braved our shyness to do a radio interview. Tom Robinson played us soon after and kept playing us, on a show called BBC Introducing Fresh On The Net that simply couldn’t exist on any other station or network – it exists just to play new music that listeners have recommended, much of it independent and often unreleased. We listen to Tom, Steve, Stuart Maconie (someone give the Freak Zone a new home, eh?), Lauren Laverne, 6 Mix, Adam and Joe, Collins and Herring, Craig Charles, Jarvis Cocker, Marc Riley and more.

Nerm on BBC Asian Network thrilled us by playing ‘Virtual Boy’ on Electro East and we’ve tuned in for exciting new music (often that would be outside our experience if not for the station) from Nerm, Pathaan and Friction many a time – not to mention cricket coverage.

The reports say that these audiences should just be served by commercial radio. The same commercial radio that is reduced to several giant groups of stations that play the same tired list of oldies and recent hits daily, in a situation where important and good stations like Rinse don’t have a licence and new music never gets played to national or even large local audiences. It’s only the BBC that has that reach and commitment on mainstream platforms. New music and under-supported music need investment, the BBC provides it. We’re happy to pay our licence fee, and we don’t want the Beeb we know and love to be eroded by big commercial broadcasters with a nasty agenda.