Tom Robinson, our stalwart champion (and heaven knows we need one), played ‘Eudemonics/Naked Space’ on his BBC 6 Music show early this morning.


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To The Max


Tom Robinson played us for a third week running on his BBC 6 Music show, just after 1am this morning, this time blasting out ‘Maxillo’ from ‘Somato’. Tom’s sustained support of our music, both early in the life of the collective and in recent weeks, is something we really appreciate. The music world is full of hit and runs, but real friends are rare. Mr Robinson is a bright, shining diamond for sticking with us.

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Repeat Force

Tom Robinson so loved the world that he played ‘Tiny Satellites’ AGAIN this morning on his BBC 6 Music radio show. We’re not entirely sure all of that is in the Bible…

Tracklisting and listen again link here.

“Members of Kraftwerk and Duran Duran Moonlighting in Wales”

Sorry for the long post title there, but that’s how Rob da Bank described us on BBC Radio 1 earlier this morning when he played our new tune ‘Tiny Satellites’ and it really quite tickled us. Especially trying to decide which members of those bands we most resembled in what eras. If you enjoyed the GG spin, do let him know…

Golau Glau on the Rob da Bank Show, 22/01/2010

Steely Fan

Thanks to BBC Radio Sheffield for playing exclusive new Golau Glau track ‘Minnow Wait’ on tonight’s Introducing show. Click on that link to check out the show.

The architecture of the city alone is enough to make Sheffield one of our favourite places. Surely the Steel City’s fondness for water features matches our own love of the aquatic?

Hot Radio Action

Quick round-up:

‘Oak Moon’ was played by Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales and Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music last night/in the early hours of this morning. Thanks guys!

Bag yourself a free copy of the Christmas EP here:

‘Unluted’ was played on the Best of 2010 Songs Of Praise show on Space Invader FM yesterday.

‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’ made it onto the Tinsel episode of the 6forty Project podcast.

Just As The Sun

In the early hours of Monday 11th October, Tom Robinson will be playing the Golau Glau track ‘Neuro’ as part of his Introducing show, which airs between 01.00-3.00 on BBC 6 Music. The track will also be on the Introducing podcast for one week, along with the likes of Juffage and Her Name Is Calla.

We will update with Listen Again, download and tracklisting links next week.