High-Backed Armchair

There’s an amazing write-up about us/’Somato’ in the Armchair Dancefloor column over at Drowned In Sound today. Bigups to the mighty Rory Gibb. The column also covers our good friends at the Exotic Pylon, Leyland Kirby (who we love) and more.

armchair dancefloor 031



Our very first official video. We made it with our own hands, out of bits of the earliest televised UK party political broadcasts. ‘Held’ is about the promises made to us by politicians, parents and marketers and the fears we all have around the time of elections. You can watch the video on Drowned In Sound RIGHT NOWWWWWWW, where they call it “brilliant both visually and musically”.


Or you can just watch it here if you’re feeling lazy:

The track is also up on our SoundCloud and Myspace and the video is on our videos page. Of course.

Sir We Drown


We have a Tumblr at Golau Glau Go Tumbling – it takes an RSS feed from this blog but also we add videos, photos, links etc that we find interesting.

Recently Drowned In Sound started a Tumblr called drownedinsoundcloud as a digest of SoundCloud content on their website and a sort of pointer at interesting new music on the service. Recent posts have included Gold Panda, These New Puritans, Ben Frost and…us.

Thank you. Being in good company is always a pleasure. Go and follow them now.


Snow Angels & Drowning


We took some pictures of things we found in the snow.

Snow Angel 10

Snow Angels (lots of photos if you click).

Oh and even though it’s not a “release” or anything, our cover of ‘This Will Be Our Year’ was amusingly and delightfully reviewed in this week’s Drowned In Sound Singles Reviews by Wendy Roby. We like “deliciously watery”. Thank you.


Blue Peter Advent Crown

Where were we…oh, yes, Wendy Roby of Drowned In Sound has written a superb review of ‘Foolstide’ in her This Week’s Singles round-up:

Drowned In Sound review

“When Welshers Golau Glau wrote to me this week (it means ‘light quickly’ and is pronounced ‘Goll Eye Gly’ – it being an amalgam of “normal Welsh” and “superarchaic odd Welsh” [THEIR WORDS]) , they tole me they had a Christmas song. And I was a-feared it would be something plain dreary about Why Christmas Is Like Really Bad? Not that I had reason to suspect this, for me and my new Welsh internet friends have previously corresbonded over amusement parks – which means they are fun sorts. Anyway as it turns out ‘Foolstide’ is the sort of thing that brings a smile to your face even if you are in Tesco’s of a Thursday evening crap-hounding your way to the cheapest drinkable bottle of Rose known to humanity. Naturally I found it (£3.20, yes), and all the way to the self-service tills I thrilled at a record that – even though it has slightly rubbish beatmatching – sounds like a Christmas madrigal gone two-step – with all the delightful silliness that implies. It’s a homemade wreath of a thing – all wonky holly wound around a coathanger and the red berries are made of plastic. And yet, it really is quite lovely.”

Drowned in Thread

There is currently a thread about us on the influential/crazy/bizarre/evil (depending on your viewpoint) forum of popular website Drowned in Sound. We did not start it, nor JAG – shamelessly self-promote while feigning innocence – ourselves on the thread, but feel free to join in should you so wish, some very nice things were said in the first post. Or watch it dwindle and die through lack of interest. Just don’t shred us, we are tender souls.