Big Number

Big Number artwork

We knocked up a tasty 30 minute mix for old friends A Negative Narrative and their Negative Equity series.

“Why’d ya do it to Brucie, Lucy?”

Negative Equity 4.1


Swollen Mix – Easter 2011

Here’s our Easter mix, the Swollen Mix, on Mixcloud.

swollen mix golau glau

Easter Parade – Cyril Ornadel and The Stereo Action Orchestra
The Garden Of Jane Delawney – Trees
Greensleeves – Synthesonic Sounds
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most – Julie London
Death Goes to the Disco – Pulp Countdown
Spring – Ducktails
Green Meadow Island – Jeniferever
O Green World Gorillaz – Demon Days
Greenwood Laddie – Shirley & Dolly Collins
White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
Lots Of Larks + General Strike – Lindsay Cooper
Love Is Old Love Is New – Peace Of Mind
You Make It Easy To Be True – Lionel Newman Orchestra
Summer Means New Love – The Beach Boys
Erupting Light – Hildur Gudnadottir
There’s A New Sound – The Muppets
The Knowing – The Weeknd
Here Comes The Flood – Peter Gabriel & Robert Fripp
Last Night At the Jetty – Panda Bear
Rush & Rattle – Golau Glau
The Green Leaves Of Summer – Mahalia Jackson
Easter Parade – The Blue Nile
Katharsis – N. AE.
Peacock Tail – Boards Of Canada
The New Fish Market – Megson
Soft Kisses; Dive Preparations – John Barry
Another Green World – Brian Eno
Take Me Into Your Skin – Trentemoller
Powa – Tune-Yards
Primavera – Pietro Grossi
Ballet For A Rainy Day – XTC
Smiles Of Spring – Claude Vasori
Jesus Was A Cross Maker – Judee Sill
Lights On Water – Pan American
Easter Sunday Song – William C. Beeley
Compline – Golau Glau